Service Features

Service features include uptime and performance monitoring with notifications.

Uptime Monitoring

Our uptime monitoring checks the availability of your website, allowing you to minimize any downtime to your customers. We run tests every minute of every day—we will notify you as soon as a problem is detected. Our service uses the same methods as a web browser to check your site from one of our monitoring locations.

Multiple locations mean we can avoid false alerts—your time is precious.

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Performance Monitoring

Our performance monitoring tracks how fast the data from your website takes to reach your customers. Specifically, we time all our successful uptime monitor checks, which enables a picture of how well the server hosting your website performs. Our charts allow a picture of the long-term trend to build up and quickly see the impact of customer spikes. The performance of your website is central to the customer’s experience and modern SEO as well.

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Website Health

Our health monitoring tracks the health and expiry of your website's domains and SSL certificates. Your website's domain name is central to your brand—any problems risks your customer access. In recent years providing secure HTTPS access to your website has become a mandatory element of customer security. This trend requires that you maintain your SSL Certificates in good working order. Any problems risk having browsers denying access to your customers. Our health monitoring keeps track of these issues and provides advanced notice when it is time to renew.

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When there is a problem, you want to know that notifications will reach the right people promptly. We provide two ways to receive alerts when things go wrong: by email and Slack. In addition, we include the ability to group alert contacts into teams, providing fine-grained control over who receives which alerts. It is also possible to turn off alerts entirely for a website if they are not required.

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Things do not always work as expected, or problems arise with any service. However, we make every effort to ensure that your experience with our service is smooth. Firstly, our comprehensive documentation covers using our service and how it works. In addition, the documentation includes a support FAQ to get help quickly. Finally, we provide email support via our contact form, offering a quick response in-office hours when that is not enough. We will be there to help you.

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