Find help with our extensive documentation and FAQ, or contact us directly.


We attempt to offer a comprehensive level of support to our customers. Our support is provided through our on-site documentation and then ultimately through our email support; via the contact form. However, everyone’s has different needs, and we realise that while some people prefer to work things out themselves, others do not have the time. So we attempt to provide a flexible level of support.

Online Doccumentation

Our online help page is the centre of our support. Here you will find our detailed documentation and our support FAQ. The support FAQ attempts to provide a quick guide answering some of the more common questions. Our documentation pages provide an in-depth guide of how our service works.

Email support

Finally, we offer email support for all the other questions you may have. We are open standard office hours (KST) and will respond promptly to all service queries. The easiest way to initiate a support email is via our contact form. We will attempt to answer any questions you have.