Performance Monitoring

Track and maintain the performance of your website for customer satisfaction.

Why Monitor Performance?

How quickly a website loads will dramatically impact the customer’s perception of your website. Too slow, and your customers will start to find your website unusable and look for alternatives. For this reason, modern SEO also places a greater emphasis on the performance of your website. The speed of your website is dependent upon the underlying web server that hosts the site. There can be several causes for websites to slow down:

Performance Issues

By keeping track of the performance over time, it is possible to notice both long term trends and short term issues.

What We Provide

Our performance monitor tracks the speed of your website over time and provides a graph where trends become apparent. We offer the ability to be notified when a website is suffering from short performance issues. In contrast, the charting allows for long term consideration of any trends that may be present. For example, is it time to invest in upgraded hosting?

How It Works

We utilize our uptime monitor checks to time the speed of your website. These tests provide a minute to minute picture of its performance. In addition, we can provide charts and alarms for when we notice significant slowing.

Measurements We Take

Specifically whenever we download the page for our uptime test we can make note of the following times:

Performance Chart

Our performance chart displays the timings listed above. It provides a chart of these over time which enables one to notice any anomalies and trends that may form. Our performance alarm allows one to be alerted in the event of a website’s speed dramatically changing over a short period. Such an event may indicate that your web server fails to handle a spike in load.