Website Health

An extra layer of protection against the possibility of lapsed certificates or domains.


Health Monitoring checks that your website’s domains and SSL certificates are in good working order and not about to expire. Your server’s domain is its public name; it’s brand. If there is a problem with your DNS or your domain expires, you risk customers not accessing your site. Even worse, an expired domain can lead to the potential loss of your brand. Domain squatters are eager to take control of such domains for their profit.

Security and Reputation

In recent years the rise of public security considerations has made having an SSL certificate and using HTTPS for all traffic almost mandatory. However, problems with your SSL certificate can result in browsers raising serious security errors and blocking users from opening your website. Such issues give customer’s a poor impression of your website and should be avoided.

What Is Monitored

Our health monitoring ensures that your domains and SSL certificates are not about to expire. It also verifies the DNS records for your domain and your SSL certificate. Details of both are made available for your perusal. In addition, we will provide alarms if there are problems and close to their expiry. The site health checks will be performed daily and ensure the essential health of your website.