About Webdar

Website monitoring

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Webdar provides the tools to monitor your website from the user's perspective. Customer experience is central to the web, but there can be no such experience if a site is down. Therefore, it's essential to detect problems early before they become critical. Webdar protects against this by providing a comprehensive, fast and reliable Website Monitoring Service that is easy to use.

Our Mission

We strive to reduce the technical barriers for those who create fast and reliable websites that people care about.

Our History

Webdar began from our own experiences when running a website. We found monitoring to be a challenging problem to get right. While solutions were available, they proved either too expensive or overly complicated. We believed there had to be a better way for people to monitor their websites effectively, and Webdar is the fruition of that quest.

Our Values

The core values that we hold to are:

You will find Webdar a trustworthy and reliable partner when monitoring your website.

We are based in the vibrant port city of Busan, South Korea.