Beta Program

Currently our beta program is fully subscribed.

The Webdar Beta service is available now. This represents the final stage of testing before we accept paying customers. We anticipate the beta lasting for several months with a two-week notice before going live. Webdar will be free to members during the beta period, providing early access to our service.


Members who sign up will have the opportunity to influence the final product and, in return, receive a complimentary month post-release. Furthermore, we will also discount their first subscription payment as a thank-you for using the service throughout the beta.

Why Beta?

Beta testing is an essential process of any software, representing the final stage of checking that everything is working as intended. In addition, it is often the first chance for interested customers to start using a service and suggest how it may better meet their needs. For this reason, we are running an open beta and look forward to hearing your feedback.


While we will make every effort to maintain the service throughout the beta, there may be more prolonged outages during this period. Furthermore, some features may be added or removed for the final service, and not all features may be present from the start.

Account Features

Beta Account
Tests per site5
HTTP Monitoring1 minute
TCP Port Monitoring1 minute
Ping Monitoring1 minute
Certificate Monitoring
Domain Monitoring
Data Retention30 days
Alert Teams
  • Email

  • Slack (Coming soon)

SupportEmail (weekdays 9am-6pm KST)
  • Early access

  • Free month of paid service

  • Discount on first payment